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About Us

The CheeseHarp has been a long time in the making—It’s inception was inspired when Reed received a wire based cheese cutter that he liked, but lacked style and practicality. Today, The CheeseHarp represents an artful blend of form, function, and elegance.

About Reed Felton:

Always a tinkerer, Reed enjoys designing and creating new products. His first career was based in custom manufacturing, and his company, TJ Hale, focused on wood and metal in-store fixtures and displays. Upon selling TJ Hale, Reed had more time and opportunity to pursue his creative interests including using his home-based metal fabrication shop to turn ideas into products. Reed currently has 20 patents, also having assisted numerous individuals with their own designs and innovations.

CheeseHarp Genesis:

"The CheeseHarp has been a labor of love since I first conceptualized it. I initially made a limited run of 100 CheeseHarps and sold them all in a short time simply through word of mouth. With favorable feedback and multiple repeat sales, scaling up was the next step.

Upon feedback I made a few design changes to increase cutting capacity and ease of use. The CheeseHarp was made for two purposes; to cut cheese with ease and to look good on your counter. It’s a unique design that offers functionality offered by no other product." ~ Reed Felton

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