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About Us

The CheeseHarp™ has been a long time in the making—It’s inception was inspired when Reed received a wire based cheese cutter that he liked, but lacked style and practicality. Today, The CheeseHarp™ represents an artful blend of form, function, and elegance.  Made proudly in the USA, I assemble and test every one before shipping.  In the event a problem occurs I support you 100%.  I will talk you through any issue or if a return is necessary I provide shipping for the return and the replacement if necessary.  Rest assured, I want you to have success with your purchase and am committed to your satisfaction.

Which CheeseHarp is right for me? 

Both the Cherry and Maple CheeseHarps appeal to those that appreciate the natural beauty of wood.  They are lighter than the Stainless steel version and need to be maintained with a food grade mineral oil and or a bees wax.  They are not dishwasher safe.  I sell almost 4 Stainless Cheeseharps for every wood CheeseHarp.  Made of 10 gauge (1/8") stainless steel, they have a heft to them that just exudes quality and are dishwasher safe.  30 years from now they will still look as good as the day you receive it.

About Reed Felton:

Always a tinkerer, Reed enjoys designing and creating new products. His first career was based in custom manufacturing, and his company, TJ Hale, focused on wood and metal in-store fixtures and displays. Upon selling TJ Hale, Reed had more time and opportunity to pursue his creative interests including using his home-based fabrication shop to turn ideas into products. Reed currently has 20 patents and counting, and has also assisted numerous individuals and companies with their own designs and innovations.

CheeseHarp Genesis:

"The CheeseHarp has been a labor of love since I first conceptualized it. I initially made a limited run of 100 and sold them all in a short time simply through word of mouth. With favorable feedback and multiple repeat sales, scaling up was the next step.  I made a few design changes along the way to increase cutting capacity and ease of use. The CheeseHarp was made for two purposes; to cut cheese with ease and to look good on your counter. It’s a unique design that offers functionality offered by no other product. ~ Reed Felton

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