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Eric A. USCG Retired

I got my CheeseHarp the other day and couldn’t wait to use it. For its inaugural run I chose an old favorite, a block of sharp cheddar. As you recommend I let the block get to room temperature and when it was ready to go I readied the crackers and took it for a spin. The CheeseHarp assembly is a snap, and I can get my perfect size slice of my favorite cheese every time. This is an amazing invention, thank you so much. I couldn’t be happier with my CheeseHarp, delivery was fast, your personal customer service is unparalleled. I enjoy my CheeseHarp more and more with each perfect slice!!  Thank you so much!


Br Brian O Dowd, Trappist Abbey, Oregon.

We used to cut cheese with the Prodyne cheese cutter but because we cut a lot of cheese every day it proved to be unreliable for our heavy work-load.  We bought one CheeseHarp and we discovered that reliability was no longer going to be an issue so we bought another one.  This second one we use for self-service because the CheeseHarp provides a very elegant, hygienic and safe way for people to cut and select their own cheese.  We found that  the quality, reliability, and style of The CheeseHarp are simply in a different league.  I would advise watching the short videos on the CheeseHarp website so as to get the most benefit from the CheeseHarp.  Obviously whenever I cut a lot of hard cheese, straight from the refrigerator, and cut it very fast, then the cutting wire is not going to last as long as it otherwise could.  Cutting hard cheese at room temperature and at a more modest pace will add to the life span of the cutting wire.  Anyhow, the cutting wire is very easily replaced in a matter of seconds so it is good to have a couple of spare wires on standby.  It is the best cheese cutter we ever had and we went through quite a few brands before settling on the CheeseHarp.  


Rona L. Longmont CO.

I was impressed seeing this on a video. I ordered and received. This thing is built like a tank, very impressive. Heavy duty, well engineered (dare I say...over engineered) it will last years after I am gone. If quality is part of your life, this will not disappoint. Reed was helpful and responsive to every question I had.  He made sure I was comfortable with the purchase.  Anyone who sees it, wants one. Thank you for making such a unique, quality product. My sister already ordered one for her family.  I am one very satisfied customer!

Steve Y, Brookfield Wi.  We have had our stainless steel CheeseHarp™ for over a year and love it!  I bought it for my wife as a gift after we finished a kitchen renovation.  It looks great out on the counter!  The quality is outstanding.  We use it all the time and are still using the original wire.  We get compliments from friends and family and have started giving CheeseHarps as Wedding gifts.

D Warren, Houston Tx.  I got the CheeseHarp yesterday. The moment I picked up the package I knew this thing had heft. When I opened the box I was even happier. Man this CheeseHarp of yours is not only a beast, it’s an heirloom quality utensil. The thing is beautiful. I really like the brass knob. You spared no expense. When I used it on a block of cheddar cheese it cut thru it like butter; perfect slices and easy clean up. I like the solid bar construction too, very solid and heavy. My children took turns using it and loved it. I will be buying more blades as this CheeseHarp will be passed down through generations.  Impossible to wear out.  You really got something here!   

Nelson, Laffeyette Indiana ​I would like to let you know I've been cutting cheese with your Cheese Harp for almost 3 months now at Painting With a Twist and have gone through over 100 lbs of cheese.  Yesterday was the first time the wire failed, which I would say is pretty good for going through that amount.  I am very pleased with the product!

Jim Y Colorado...This thing is GREAT!  It's not only beautifully crafted, but robust.  From the handle to the hinge, it is solid and precise.  I've gone through several wire slicers that bend, the wire stretches and pops out…and I’m slicing soft Farmer Cheese!  The CheeseHarp slices like butter!  The wire is robust, securely set into the handle, easy to replace and tighten.  It’s easy to clean, easy to store.  

Michael and Pamela,  West Virginia. ...The CheeseHarp™ was delivered today just before 11:00 a.m. That was very, very quick.  My wife is delighted with the gift and, I must say, so am I.  Thank you.  We both appreciate that the tool was designed and built with care, engineering skill and finely-tuned aesthetics. That’s the tradition of the USA we know and love.  You must never farm this out to China…A standing complaint in our home is how often we feel obliged to repair, rebuild, improve or otherwise modify an item we have purchased.  But...“The Cheeseharp stands alone…”…no modification necessary.  Thank you very much.

From Bob...This is the best cheese slicer ever! We have tried every other type out there. It's easy to use, easy to clean and can even slice a whole block in smooth motions. The design is elegant and it is easy to clean.

From Anne, Columbia South Carolina...​The cheese slicer Mom and Dad used had fallen apart while I was using it.  I went to Bed Bath & Beyond and bought a unit just like it and it promptly fell apart after I unwrapped it.   I googled "cheese slicer" and found a video of a guy who invented his own cheese slicer in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  I put the video on the TV and Mom and I watched it while Dad was asleep in the chair with his TV Ears on.  After the video was over, Dad said" we need to order that!!!" It is the "CheeseHarp" and it is fantastic.  The base is slightly crowned so it can slice through the bar of cheese easily.  It was expensive too, but worth the cost since I am done in about 2 minutes versus 20 minutes.  

Ted C Durango Co...I have one of these and it really is the right tool for the job.